3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

champagne cork image by Edsweb from Fotolia.com

Every anniversary in a relationship is special and should be celebrated, and the three-year mark is no exception. Each passing year signifies your commitment to each other, and finding the perfect gift to represent that bond is easy if you follow a few basic guidelines.


According to Happy-Anniversary.com, the traditional gift for a third anniversary is leather. Leather is used for a variety of products such as shoes, clothing and accessories, as well as gift items such as key chains and other smaller mementos. You can turn this classic material into the perfect gift for your spouse by examining their tastes, and finding not only a special, but a practical gift as well. If your wife likes purses or other accessories such as belts, purchase an item she would like and have it personalized with her initials, your wedding date, or some other special message. If you are shopping for your husband, a custom wallet or calendar cover will not only show how much you care, but will get plenty of use in his daily life.

Crystal or Glass

A more modern twist on the traditional third anniversary gift is the option of giving crystal or glass. This versatile material opens the door to a wide variety of gift options. If your husband is a beer enthusiast, a set of pint glasses from his favorite brewing company is a gift that he can enjoy for many years to come. If your wife enjoys a glass of wine with dinner, wine glasses always make for a perfect and elegant present. Although traditional gifts such as engraved picture frames or decorative bowls are nice, jewelry, furniture with glass components or perhaps a trip to the local art museum to view beautiful pieces of glasswork can serve as a fun surprise on your anniversary.


Three-year anniversaries are not just celebrated by married couples. If the gift you seek is for your boyfriend or girlfriend, just finding a gift that signifies your special bond and loyalty can make your anniversary one to remember. Personalized gifts such as a special keepsake for women or a money clip for men, can be etched with a special note as a reminder of how much you appreciate having him or her in your life. If sharing a special experience appeals to you and your significant other, embarking on a fun adventure or treating your special someone to a romantic vacation together can be more valuable to your relationship than any gift in a box.