Brass & Nickel Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

by Sharideth Smith

Celebrating your 21st wedding anniversary is quite an accomplishment. However, it doesn't make buying your husband a gift any easier. This milestone anniversary is marked by brass and nickel. These metals are not necessarily what you think of first when considering anniversary gifts, but that can play into your favor in terms of creativity. You might also surprise your sweetie with something that he likely wouldn't buy for himself.


If your husband appreciates the more sentimental things in life, you might consider a keepsake made of brass or nickel. A photo album that contains memories of your 21st year together or spanning all 21 years of your marriage would be thoughtful and attractive. If he has an office, a brass or nickel picture frame with a photo of the two of you for his desk is also a good choice. For a watch-wearing man, an engraved nickel-plated watch is a stylish token of affection and achievement.


You might also consider brass or nickel accessories for the image-conscious man. Cufflinks come in a wide range of designs, so choosing something that represents your husband's personality would be fairly simple. A vintage or personalized key chain or money clip are other good options. For a business man, a tie clip with his initials on it might be the perfect choice.

Decorative and Useful

You might consider getting him something that he not only can use, but is also a conversation piece. Brass and nickel are eye catching as trim pieces for binoculars, golf clubs and organizers for desktops. Mounted bottle openers, door knockers or ornate knobs for the cabinetry in his office or boat can make a statement about the things he likes and enhance the aesthetics of his surroundings. If your husband enjoys a cigar now and then, a lighter in brass or nickel could look impressive coming out of his pocket.

Limited Run Gourmet Foods

You are not only ones celebrating 21 years. Companies from small boutiques to larger manufacturers or retailers of products commemorate various milestones by providing specialty products for a short time. For example, a winery, liquor maker or brewery might have a limited run, bottling its best reserves for its 21st anniversary. Finding a bottle of something you know he would enjoy that says "21st Anniversary" right on the bottle is a great gift. The same holds true for chocolatiers, candy makers, butchers and other food specialty stores.

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