Porcelain Anniversary Gifts for Men

porcelain image by Alex White from Fotolia.com

Celebrating an anniversary, whether it is your first or you've forgotten how many, is an achievement. Although just about any gift can serve as an anniversary present, choose something that shows your love and appreciation and represents how your bond is strong and solid. Porcelain, a heavy, thick material, is used to make a variety of items that are good presents for men. Whether you're inclined toward a traditional or modern style of gift, or striking out on your own for ideas, there are several options.

Coffee Cup

Paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary. Give your husband a unique play on that tradition with a porcelain coffee cup, designed to look exactly like the carry-out version distributed by coffee shops and convenience stores every day. The cup is crafted with two layers of insulation so that the beverage stays warm but fingers don't get burned (no need for a brown cardboard wrapper). The lid snaps on and prevents spills; the cup is easily washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

Desk Set

A desk set is the ideal gift for a seventh anniversary, according to modern guidelines. For a man who appreciates the sturdiness and beauty of porcelain, buy a complete desk set or begin his collection with the first piece. Other pieces may be given for subsequent birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. A porcelain pen and inkwell set can add some sophistication to his daily bill paying or notetaking. Porcelain may be found in a variety of colors and styles, including black and mint green.


Show him he is the light of your life with a porcelain table lamp. A modern gift (appliances) for the fourth anniversary and a traditional gift (pottery) for the eighth, porcelain lamps may enhance his bedtime reading, accessorize an end table or cast some light in the living room. Lamps are available in an array of shapes, styles and colors, and have shades to match just about any decor. Consider lamps with a painted fish decor, flowers, pine cones or birds, ranging from thin, tall stems to squat, round bases.