How to Use an Aluminum Stove Top Coffee Maker

Cup of Coffee with Spoon and Sugarcube

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Stove top coffee makers allow you to easily make your morning cup of coffee. Constructed from aluminum or stainless steel, these coffee makers have no working parts that can fail and guarantee that you will be able to make a pot of coffee anytime you have access to a stove. Aluminum stove top coffee makers are less expensive than the stainless steel models and are the perfect choice if you are on a strict budget.

Place the center stem piece into the coffee pot, and fill the pot with water. On some pots, a fill line marked on the inside indicates the proper water amount. On others, the basket lip rest on the stem is a useful guide for filling the pot.

Measure coffee grounds for the amount of coffee the coffee maker will produce. Stove top coffee makers generally range in volume from 4 cups to 12 or more.

Pour the grounds into the brew basket, and set it on the center stem.

Place the cover on the brew basket if your model coffee maker includes one.

Put the lid on the pot.

Set the coffee pot on a stove burner, and turn the heat to medium high.

Start timing the process when the coffee begins to "perk" in the pot. Six to eight minutes of perking yields a normal strength pot of coffee.