How to Measure Coffee Needed for West Bend Party Perk Coffee Maker

Shana Novak/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The West Bend Party Perk is a classic coffee urn for parties and small gatherings. It's often used in offices, but the relatively small size makes it unsuitable for larger commercial venues. The Party Perk will brew 12 to 42 cups of coffee at a time, with an average speed of one cup per minute. While the Party Perk is marked inside to indicate water levels for different amounts of coffee, no such markings exist for the coffee grounds. Follow a simple formula in deciding how much coffee to measure into your pot for the best brewing results.

Find out how many guests will be attending your event. Multiply this number by two. This figure is the number of cups of coffee you wish to make.

Multiply the number of cups of coffee by 1/8 cup. In other words, for every 8 cups of coffee, you will need 1 cup of grounds. You need 2 tbsp., or 1/8 cup, of coffee grounds for every cup of coffee you wish to serve.

Spoon the amount of coffee grounds into a measuring cup to find the correct amount. Level off the coffee in the cup. Do not allow the coffee to heap up over the measurement line in the cup.

Pour the coffee grounds into the filter basket and make your coffee according to the West Bend Party Perk directions.