How to Make Espresso Using a Krups Il Primo

There are countless espresso machines on the market and they vary greatly in their quality and features. The Krups Il Primo espresso machine makes cappuccinos, lattes or just plain espresso. Espresso coffee is a relatively strong, sweet brew that can be enjoyed on its own or as the base for other coffee-flavored drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. Before attempting to master these drinks, learn to use your Krups Il Primo to make simple and delicious espresso.

Slide the filter-holder handle to the left and pull it down to detach it from your Krups Il Primo machine.

Place the filter basket inside the filter holder.

Fill the filter basket with the desired amount of ground espresso with the measuring spoon. There is a mark on the filter basket indicating 2 cups or 4 cups. Fill the basket accordingly. Do not pack the grounds too tightly, as this can prevent water from filtering effectively through the grounds.

Brush off any grounds from the lip of the filter basket.

Reinsert the filter holder in the Krups Il Primo machine, and turn the handle all the way to the right to lock the holder in place.

Turn the boiler cap atop the Krups Il Primo counter clockwise, and remove it.

Pour the proper amount of fresh, cold water into the the included glass carafe. For espresso, the side of the carafe is marked with “2” and “4” cups.

Empty the carafe into the boiler container and screw the boiler back in place atop the machine.

Place the lid on the carafe and place the carafe beneath the filter holder on the machine.

Plug in the Krups Il Primo and set its selector switch to the left, toward the coffee cup icon.

Watch the espresso brew. It will take roughly 2 minutes for the water to reach the necessary temperature, at which point the water will begin filtering through the coffee grounds.

Turn the selector switch to the right to turn off the machine once the espresso has stopped dripping into the carafe.

Remove the carafe from the machine, and pour.