How to Froth Milk With the Magic Bullet

Blend the Milk

Pour milk into a Magic Bullet cup, taking care to leave room for the froth. Attach the cross blade lid to the top and make sure it is securely attached. Invert the cup, align it with the Magic Bullet base, and press down to blend. Blend the milk for 10-15 seconds.

Warm the Milk

Remove the Magic Bullet cup from the base, turn it upright, and unscrew the cross blade lid. Place the cup in the microwave and warm the milk and foam for 45-70 seconds. Keep an eye on the cup so the milk doesn't overflow.

Pour the Milk

Remove the Magic Bullet cup from the microwave and slowly pour the milk into a cup of coffee. Spoon the remaining foam over the top.

Additional Flavorings

Create flavored coffee beverage by adding vanilla extract, hazelnut syrup, or a pinch of sugar to the milk before you blend it.

Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the foamed milk for extra flavor.