How to Operate a Rival Snow Cone Maker

The Rival Snow Cone Maker produces shaved ice for snow cones in your own home. You can customize snow cones with favorite flavors or fruits, add syrups or even freeze yogurt into cubes for shaved frozen-yogurt treats. Keep your snow cone maker clean and use it properly to ensure the best quality snow cones possible from the machine.

Shaving Ice

Place a large, wide-mouth cup under the spout to catch the ice shavings.

Lift the lid at the top and drop four to six ice cubes into the tub. Keep the ice cubes about one inch away from the top. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet.

Push the button on top of the lid where “PUSH” appears. Hold the “PUSH” button down to shave the ice, keeping the cup under the spout. Release the button once you have finished shaving the ice. Top the shavings with your favorite syrup or flavor.

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and clean the machine after every use.


Unplug the power cord from the wall. Press the “COVER RELEASE” button on the back of the snow cone maker to remove the lid. Lift the lid to remove it from the machine.

Turn the upper tub clockwise until you hear a click. Unscrew the upper ring or “dasher” by turning counterclockwise. Lift up to remove it. Turn the upper tub farther clockwise to remove it. Lift it off the machine.

Wipe down all components with a clean, dry cloth until they are dry. Reassemble the machine for storage.