How to Keep a Beer Keg Cold

This how to article is about how to keep your beer keg cold. You'll learn what items are best to use, how to place them and step by step instructions.

Instructions for keeping your keg cold

Go to you local home improvement store and purchased a new 55 gallon trash can (preferably one in a dark color).

Remember to bring proper identification and rent your KEG from your local grocery store, convenience store or liquor store. At the same time, purchase 8 bags of ice.

Determine where you are going to house your KEG and place your new 55 gallon trash can in the location. Place a layer of ice at the bottom of the trash can about 4 inches thick (roughly 3 bags of ice). Make sure the location is right for your event, because once you get the ice loaded in the can it makes it that much more difficult to move.

Gently place your KEG in the trash can on top of the layer of ice in the center of the can and add two more bags of ice around the keg. Store the remaining ice your cooler for use later.

Fill the trash can up with water until the keg is gently floating. Make sure that the keg is not taller than the top of the trash can to ensure optimum cooling.

After about an hour replenish the can with more ice from your remaining bags.