How to Keep Ice Cream Cold Enough for a Block Party

ice-cream image by Svetlana Kashkina from

Serve scoops not soup of ice cream at your next block party. Immediately upon bringing the ice cream outside, the first few scoops remain solid, but over the course of the block party, even in cooler weather, the ice cream will melt, unless you take precautions to keep it chilled and at the ideal consistency for scooping. Look for dry ice at grocery stores or use the Internet to find your nearest dry ice retailer.

Arrange the containers of ice cream in a single layer in the bottom of a cooler or ice chest.

Fill any empty space between the ice cream containers with wads of crumpled newspapers.

Drape two to three sheets of flat newspaper on top of the ice cream.

Place the block of dry ice on top of the newspapers and close the cooler or put the lid on the chest.

Wait until you need a new container of ice cream before opening the container and keep it closed with the dry ice inside the rest of the time.