How to Keep Baked Goods Moist Overnight

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Whether warm from your oven or from the bakery down the street, fresh baked goods taste best when served immediately. Baked goods tend to dry out during storage, going from melt-in-your-mouth moist to dry and crumbly in as little as a day if they aren't properly stored. It's possible to keep your favorite baked goods, including cakes, quick breads and soft cookies, moist and flavorful by preparing them for storage and packaging them correctly to retain their moisture overnight.

Step 1

Cool freshly made baked goods on a rack to room temperature before storing them. Wrapping a warm item causes the moisture to condense in the package, which can result in a dry interior and soggy exterior.

Step 2

Wrap unfrosted baked goods in a double layer of plastic storage wrap, or in a single layer of plastic covered in a layer of foil. Wrap tightly so no air is trapped between the item and the plastic. Alternatively, place small baked goods, such as cookies or rolls, in a ziptop bag and squeeze out all the air before sealing. Keeping out the air prevents the baked good from drying prematurely.

Step 3

Place frosted baked goods, such as cakes, in a tightly closed, airtight container. Use plastic storage containers or a cake box for storage. Store whipped cream frosted cakes and those with cream fillings in the refrigerator.

Step 4

Store the baked goods in a cool, dark pantry, unless they contain items, such as cream fillings, that require refrigeration. Avoid hot areas or those exposed to bright light, as heat can cause the baked goods to dry out more quickly.

Step 5

Serve the baked goods within 24 hours to ensure the freshest taste and a moist texture. You can store properly wrapped baked goods for up to three to five days, but they will begin to dry out during the longer storage.