How to Freeze a Fruitcake

Fresh baked fruitcake for Christmas on plate and spruce branches on boards

Edward Chan/iStock/GettyImages

Dense fruitcakes get their signature flavor from the selection of dried fruits and sweet liqueurs baked into the cake. These cakes remain moist and don't spoil for several weeks, or even months, when stored at room temperature, but you can extend their life by storing them in the freezer. The rich flavor of a fruitcake does require time to mature, so you must ripen the cake before freezing. The flavor won't ripen once the cake is frozen.

Wrap the fruitcake in cheesecloth dampened with the liqueur used to make the cake, then wrap it in a layer of plastic wrap. Store the fruitcake at room temperature for 4 weeks so the flavors can ripen and develop fully.

Wrap the fruit cake tightly in a double layer of freezer-safe plastic wrap. Wrap the a layer of aluminum foil around the the cake to further prevent air exposure and minimize freezer burn.

Place the wrapped fruitcake in a 0-degree Fahrenheit freezer. Store the frozen fruitcake for up to 1 year.

Remove the fruitcake from the refrigerator 24 hours before serving. Thaw it at room temperature, leaving it fully wrapped until you are ready to cut and serve.