How to Freeze a Baguette

by Jenny Harrington
Thin baguettes thaw more quickly than thicker bread loaves.

Thin baguettes thaw more quickly than thicker bread loaves.

The crispy exterior and soft interior makes a baguette a simple yet satisfying dinner bread, whether it's made from scratch or picked up at your favorite bakery. Freezing freshly made baguettes ensures you have an elegant bread choice on hand when you need a little something extra to complete the meal. Like most breads, baguettes freeze well when stored in airtight packaging to combat freezer burn. Cool fresh-made baguettes completely before wrapping and freezing them, otherwise moisture condensation in the package results in soggy bread upon thawing.

Cut the baguette in half or into serving-size segments if it's too large to fit in your freezer. You can also slice or cube the baguette, depending on your plans to use it after thawing.

Wrap the baguette tightly with a double layer of plastic wrap, ensuring that no part of the bread is exposed to air. Alternatively, wrap the baguette tightly in foil so you can reheat the frozen bread without thawing.

Place the wrapped bread in a 0-degree Fahrenheit freezer. Avoid placing it in the freezer door, where it is more prone to thawing and refreezing each time you open the freezer, as constant temperature changes may dry out the baguette more quickly.

Store the frozen baguette for up to 8 months. Thaw it at room temperature for approximately 1 hour when you are ready to use the bread.

Items you will need

  • Bread knife
  • Plastic wrap or foil


  • If you wrap the baguette in foil, you can thaw and heat it simultaneously in a 300 F oven for 15 minutes. Simply place the wrapped baguette in the preheated oven.

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