How to Store Fresh Baked Bread

Bread is a baked item that is usually made with flour, milk, water, eggs and yeast. Occasionally, spices may be added. Freshly baked bread should be properly stored to prevent it from becoming stale or molding. There are different techniques used to keep different types of bread fresh.

Hard, crispy bread is best stored in paper if you plan to eat it within one day. Hard breads are usually served the day they are made. However, if you need to store it for more than 24 hours, freeze it or put it in a dry, cool place. If freezing, you should wrap the bread in plastic, or use a plastic zipper bag. Freezing may cause your hard bread to become soft. After thawing, bake the bread for a few minutes, until it is crisp again, before serving.

Soft breads, such as sandwich breads, are best stored frozen, wrapped in plastic. No part of the bread should be exposed. Storing bread in the refrigerator may cause it to dry out, even if it is wrapped in plastic. You can remove as much bread as you need, then place the bread back into the freezer--ensuring it is still properly wrapped.

All frozen breads should be thawed two hours before serving. If bread is thawed in a microwave, it should be eaten immediately because this method may cause the bread to dry out. The longer bread sits, the quicker it becomes hard and dry.