How to Soften Bread in the Microwave

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Leaving the packaging open on a homemade or store bought loaf of bread can have you throwing your work and money into the garbage. Rather than chucking the loaf or using it for breadcrumbs, you can soften a stale loaf of bread using your microwave. Creating steam in the microwave can infuse the bread with moisture once again so you can use your bread for sandwiches and other recipes once again. So long as the bread doesn't show signs of mold, it's fine to reheat and soften the load.

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Wet a clean dish towel with water and squeeze out the excess.

Wrap the towel loosely around the bread and then place on a microwave-safe dish.

Using microwave oven

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Place the dish in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Unwrap the loaf when the microwave is done. Test the bread with your fingers to ensure that it has been softened. If not, wrap the loaf once again and microwave for another 10 seconds.

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Use the bread as normal, sealing it in an airtight container before storing again.