How to Egg Wash a Loaf of Challah Bread

How to Egg Wash a Loaf of Challah Bread. Challah bread is braided egg bread that's often served on the Jewish Shabbat (or Sabbath) and on other Jewish holidays. Often, this popular bread has been washed with egg which helps to give the bread its distinctive glossy, golden color. Follow these steps to help you egg wash a loaf of challah bread.

Crack open the egg into a small bowl. Discard the egg shell.

Beat the egg well with a fork.

Use a pastry brush to lightly brush the egg wash over the loaf of challah bread. Be sure to apply a coating of egg wash to the entire outer surface of the loaf of challah bread. The egg wash gives the challah bread a nice golden color and a glossy shine.

Sprinkle toppings on the loaf of challah bread, if desired. Some traditional toppings for challah bread include sesame seeds and poppy seeds. The egg wash will help the toppings stick to the loaf of challah bread during and after baking.