How Many Calories in Gluten-Free Bread?

by Jake Wayne

Gluten forms in bread dough when proteins from the grain cross-link. Although this process is key to the texture and rising in bread, some people cannot digest gluten. Gluten-free breads let them enjoy a loaf just like other people do.

Serving Size

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for reporting nutrition facts on various foods, a typical serving of gluten-free bread is a single slice.


One serving of gluten-free bread contains about 110 calories. Of these calories, 18 come from fat.

Fat Calories

The 18 fat calories in gluten-free bread consist of 2 g of total fat. None of these fats are unhealthy saturated fats. Rather, they are unsaturated fats, the kind that "You: The Owner's Manual" author Dr. Mehmet Oz describes as producing heart-healthy HDL cholesterol.


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