How to Make a Shine Glaze on Bread

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If you're wondering why your dinner rolls don't have that attractive shine factor like restaurant rolls do, or your freshly baked bread loaf looks a little dull, you've missed the glazing step. Many professional bakeries and restaurants brush their bread with an egg wash before it's finished baking, giving it a nice shiny glaze. You can also brush egg wash onto pre-baked dinner rolls before placing them in the oven to reheat. Different egg washes create different levels of shine and browning, but egg yolks with water will give your bread the shiniest glazed look.

Crack an egg in half over a bowl and separate the yolk from the egg white by transferring the yolk back and forth between the two egg shell halves. The egg white will fall into the bowl as you are doing this.

Place the egg yolk into a separate bowl. Discard the egg whites.

Add 1 tsp. of water to egg yolk and whisk together. Egg yolk will give a high shine and deep color to your bread when baked.

Brush the egg yolk and water mixture onto the top of bread that is fully risen or on pre-packaged dinner rolls with a pastry brush.

Finish baking the bread according to your recipe or the package instructions, or until the bread is golden brown and shiny-looking.