How to Serve Ciabatta Bread

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Ciabatta is popular slipper-shaped Italian yeast bread with a porous crumb. This crisp yet chewy bread can be baked with various ingredients, including milk, olive oil, salt, rosemary or marjoram. Ciabatta bread is commonly used by Italians to prepare paninis or sandwiches. You can also enjoy this rustic, handmade bread in several tasty ways.

Serve ciabatta bread as an appetizer with extra-virgin olive oil or flavored oil dips. Offer ciabatta bread alongside bowls of different flavored oils such as chili, basil, oregano and garlic.

Substitute your usual burger bread with ciabatta bread. Spread mayonnaise on toasted ciabatta bread slices. On one slice, place a vegetable or meat burger, two lettuce leaves and two slices of tomato. Cover with the other slice of ciabatta bread and serve.

Serve ciabatta bread with chicken and fish salads, pasta and pureed soups for a wholesome meal.

Enjoy hearty meat and vegetable stews with ciabatta bread as an accompaniment instead of rice or other breads.