Calories in Hard Taco Shells

two beef hard shell tacos with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes

rez-art/iStock/Getty Images

Hard taco shells are a traditional part of a taco dish. The crunchy outer shell holds either the beef or chicken as well as the salsa, lettuce, tomato and onion mixture, and other toppings that make the taco a favorite and easy meal for many families.


Taco shells are traditionally fried, which increases their caloric content. However, baked taco shells, which are lower in calories, are available. Both cooking methods create a hard taco shell.


A singled, fried hard taco shell contains 150 calories. Baked taco shells, however contain only 62 calories per shell.


In addition to the method of preparation, the ingredients in the taco shell contribute to its calorie content. Flour taco shells have a higher calorie count -- 169 calories for a 7-inch diameter shell. Corn flour shells contain fewer calories -- 98 calories for a 6.5-inch diameter shell.