How to Make Lettuce Extra Crispy

How to Make Lettuce Extra Crispy. If you have some lettuce in your refrigerator that is past its prime or if you just want to make your lettuce extra crispy, don't despair. You can make your lettuce extra crispy at home with a few simple items. Better yet, making lettuce extra crispy is easy to do, and it doesn't even take a lot of time or effort.

Clean the lettuce leaves by rinsing them in the sink under cold water.

Tear or chop the lettuce leaves with a knife,as desired. Set the lettuce aside.

Put the ice cubes in a large bowl.

Place the lettuce into the bowl with the ice cubes.

Add enough cold water to the bowl to completely cover the lettuce.

Let the lettuce sit in the ice and water mixture for approximately 15 minutes in order to crisp up the lettuce.

Remove the lettuce from the bowl and dry it using a salad spinner or paper towels.

Serve the extra crispy lettuce in your favorite salad or on your favorite sandwich.