How to Cut Lettuce for Lettuce Wraps

by Anna Aronson

A healthy Asian lettuce wrap.

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Lettuce wraps gained in popularity in the 2000s, popping up on menus all across the country. Their popularity is fueled, in part, by low-carbohydrate and no-carbohydrate diets. Lettuce wraps are often served as an appetizer but can also be used as a salad course or as an entree. They can be filled with any variety of foods, but often are made with Asian flavors and ingredients. Making a lettuce wrap is similar to making a taco. Preparing the lettuce takes just a few minutes.

Rinse head of lettuce under the kitchen faucet. Wash the lettuce thoroughly, rotating it around to make sure any dirt is rinsed away.

Shake excess water from the lettuce.

Dry lettuce on by patting it with a kitchen towel or paper towels. You can also allow it to air dry if you are not pressed for time.

Cut the stem end of the head of lettuce off with a kitchen knife and discard it.

Remove pieces of lettuce from the head and place on a plate or cutting board for use later in making the lettuce wraps.


  • Iceburg lettuce is one of the most readily available types of lettuce and easy to use for lettuce wraps. Other types of lettuce that are good for lettuce wraps include romaine lettuce, butter lettuce and escarole.

    For parties and other events, you can put out platters of various types of lettuce and different fillings and allow guests to make their own lettuce wraps.

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