How to Tie an Arabic Head Wrap

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Traditionally, Arabic men wear a head scarf tied around their heads. There is variation to how these Arabic head wraps are tied and worn, depending on the Mid-Eastern region. The head wrap is usually a large cotton square of fabric that is simply folded, twisted, and tucked neatly around the head. Tie an Arabic head wrap and perhaps you will discover the advantages to wearing a head wrap.

Fold the fabric in half corner to corner to create a triangle.

Position the wrap over the top of the head with the folded edge coming onto the top of the forehead.

Begin to neatly twist the edge of the fabric along the right side of your face. Loosely twist the fabric back on itself and wrap the fabric past your right ear, around the back of the head, around the front of the forehead and past the right ear again.

Tuck the tail of the fabric in to the wrap you just made in step 3 at the back of the head.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the fabric along the left side of your face.

Adjust the wrapped fabric to make it neat and even. Make sure the tucked fabric is secure in the back of your head.

Arrange the loose fabric at the back of your head and neck to make it look neat to finish the Arabic head wrap.