How to Make an Easy Turban

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There is no one particular way to tie a turban. In fact, people have developed many ways to tie a turban that go along with their style and personality. Turbans are not just a fashion statement, however, since many are designed as a source of identity for members of certain religions, such as the Sikhs, and are also sometimes worn for hair cleanliness purposes. Tying these turbans requires a combination of wrapping, twisting and securing a scarf as head wear.

Use a long scarf that is rectangular in shape and about around 3 yards long. This makes wrapping and tying the turban easier and quicker.

Find the folded edge of the scarf, if there is one. This will be the edge that goes over your forehead.

Place the midpoint of the scarf on your forehead, with equal tails at either end. Tie these ends together at the back of your neck by twisting the cloth and directing it back toward the front of your head.

Wrap the remaining ends around your head. Tuck the turban behind a layer of cloth on the back of your neck or more on the top of your head, toward the front. This is basically a fashion choice, which can be secured with pins.

Fold the leftover peaks at the top of your head inside the parts of the scarf on the sides. Be sure the whole top of your head is covered.