How to Wrap a Scarf Over the Nose & Mouth

Girl covered her mouth and nose or face with scarf

Alen-D/iStock/Getty Images

In cold weather, a winter scarf can warm more than just your neck. Wrapped around the nose and mouth, a scarf provides cover to help prevent chapped lips, runny noses and numb cheeks. When you're in the snow, wrapping a scarf over the nose and mouth helps prevent frostbite and sunburn. If you have asthma, extra protection from the scarf is a smart way to prevent an attack triggered by the cold air. In warmer months, a lightweight scarf covering the mouth and nose also helps stop the spread of germs from airborne viruses.

Stretch the scarf out horizontally, and hold one end of the scarf in each hand.

Place the center of the scarf flat over your nose and mouth.

Pull the two ends of the scarf behind your neck and crisscross the ends.

Bring the two ends of the scarf back to the front of your neck and again crisscross or tie in a loose knot.