How to Tie a Renaissance Gypsy Head Scarf

make-up scarf image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from

Head scarves add vibrancy and color to any fashion ensemble. Whether you are attending a renaissance festival, costume party or simply want a fashionable cover for your head on a cold day, a gypsy-inspired head scarf will do the trick. All a renaissance gypsy scarf style requires is a lightweight, cotton scarf to complete the wrap.

Fold the scarf in half diagonally so it makes the shape of a triangle.

Drape the long center fold of the scarf over the top of your head. You may wear the scarf as far forward as the top of your forehead, or further back on top of the hairline.

Pull the two ends of the center fold, which should be draped on either shoulder, back behind your head and tie a knot at the back of your head.

Tuck the third corner of the scarf underneath the knot at the base of the head for a sleek wrap look.