How to Flip Up a Hat Brim

by Alyssa Ideboen ; Updated September 28, 2017

Fold back the brim of a hat to make it easier to see.

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A hat is more than just a head covering, it can complete an outfit, providing an elegant accessory to frame the face. While a hat does indeed protect the head and face from the sun and inclement weather, it can make a statement about personal style as well. Whether your hat's brim is narrow and stiff or floppy and wide, learn how to flip it up to accentuate your sense of style.

Place your hat on your head. Look in a mirror and decide on what part of the hat brim you want to flip up.

Take the hat off your head. Fold back the part of the brim upwards where the edge of the brim meets the crown. If the brim is stiff, leave as it is positioned and put it back on your head to wear.

Secure a floppy brim by folding part of it back and using a decorative brooch or hat pin to secure the brim to the crown of the hat.


  • Keep a floppy brim permanently flipped back by using a sharp needle with color-coordinated thread to stitch the brim in place.

    Use different colored brooches or pins to mix and match according to your outfit's look.

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