How to Keep Your Hat on With Bobby Pins

by Rebecca Walton ; Updated July 18, 2017

Bobby pins can help.

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Keeping hats fixed in place has been a struggle for women since before the Fedora became feminine. Head haute couture has traditionally been sustained by the strategic placement of pins. Thank goodness for the bobby-pin -- the hair grip revolutionized the way women wear hats. Whether you're trying to stay a beret on slick hair, or want to fix a fillet -- a hairband or ribbon -- at the back of your head, the bobby pin is your tool of choice.

Attaching the hat to your head.

Pull or pin your hair back into a firm tie or fix. Alternatively, pull the top portion of your hair back into a firm tie or fix.

Position the hat on your head according to your preference.

Hold the hat in place with one hand, and with the other hand place a bobby pin under the front crown base of the hat, attaching the crown base to your hair at the top of your head. The crown base, as opposed to the brim of a hat, is the circular edge that actually sits on your head. The bobby pin should be hidden under the crown base. It's usually easy to prick a bobby pin through the material of most hats; however, for hats with very course material, you can use a sewing needle to rend tiny holes where you want to place the bobby pins.

Place another bobby pin under the left and right sides of the crown base attaching the base to your hair. Place another bobby pin under the back crown base of the hat, attaching the base to the back of your hair. Repeat with additional pins until the hat is securely fastened to your comfort level.


  • It is more difficult for a pinned hat to remain stationed on tousled tresses. If you want long-lasting hat wear, it's best to pull your hair back into a tie to establish a foundation for the bobby pins. However, if you must pin a hat on loose hair, simply place the hat where you want it to remain and double up on the bobby pins. Be aware that the thinner your hair, the less likely you will be able to maintain long-lasting wear. Pinned hats require thicker hair for a secure foundation.

    Use bobby pins that correspond to the color of your hair.

    If you choose to fix your hat so that the front crown base sits on your forehead, start pinning the back of the crown base to your hair first, and then proceed with the sides until the hat is securely fastened.


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