How to Tie a Western-Style Bandana

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Whether you're moving to the country to indulge in the rural life or simply want to add a Western flair to your style, reach for a bandana. This country-wardrobe staple comes in many colors, is easy to tie on and wicks perspiration away on hot summer days. A classic Western bandana is worn around the neck in a loose scarf style. Both men and women can work a bandana into a casual jeans-based outfit paired with a tee shirt or button-down shirt.

Step 1


Iron the bandana to remove any wrinkles or creasing.

Step 2

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Lay the bandana on a table so the square shape is flat and smooth.

Step 3

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Fold one corner of the bandana across the fabric to the opposite corner to create a large triangle.

Step 4

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Smooth the crease with your fingertips.

Step 5

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Pick up the bandana by the two corners on each end of the newly formed crease.

Step 6

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Lift the folded bandana over your head and lay it across your shoulders.

Step 7

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Bring the two ends to the front and tie a knot under your chin. Allow approximately 1 inch of fabric to dangle from each of the tied ends. The fabric will bunch slightly after it is tied.

Step 8

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Spin the fabric around your neck so the knot rests at the base of the back of your neck.

Step 9

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Tuck the triangle end of the Western bandana into the front of your shirt, or let the fabric hang loose on the outside.