How to Wear New Era Hats

by Aksana Nikolai ; Updated September 28, 2017

Wear New Era Hats


The hat company New Era was started in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch, with only 12 other employees working for him. Today, New Era is one of the most well-known hat manufacturers worldwide, with a number of international offices in locations including Canada, UK, Japan and Australia. New Era hats are used as a fashion statement by both men and women of different ages and nationalities. There are several different looks that you can create with a New Era cap.

Put on the cap so that the visor is facing forward. Turn the visor a bit to the right or to the left so that it is facing slightly off-center.

Wear the cap with the visor facing backwards. For an urban look, do not pull the cap all the way down, allowing the cap to sit loosely on the top of your head.

Position the visor sideways so that it is perpendicular to your face. Make sure the New Era flag emblem is displayed in the front, above the forehead.

Pair a New Era cap with jeans and basketball sneakers. Women can complete this look with a fitted T-shirt, while men should opt for a hooded or V-neck sweater.


  • Show support for your favorite sports team by choosing a hat from the New Era collections representing the National Football League, Major League Baseball or National Basketball Association.

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