How to Make a Structured Hat Unstructured

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Whether you're adding some Southern charm to your wardrobe with a cowboy hat or donning your team's baseball cap, hats provide a way to accessorize an outfit. Hats are also a healthy addition to any wardrobe as they protect the skin on your face from ultraviolet rays and keep your head cool to decrease the likelihood of dehydration in the sun. Breaking in a new hat is important if you want to avoid the structured look. You can undertake a simple process that will soften the material of the hat so you can shape it to your personal preference.

Place your hat underneath running tap water and soak the inside of the hat material until it softens. You will notice that the original structure of the hat is removed as the material softens.

Shape the brim of your hat gently with your hands. For example, the brim of a baseball cap can be squeezed between your left and right hand to create a curve in the brim as an alternative to the straight, structured look the hat comes with.

Place the hat on your head. Mold the hat to your head to create the unstructured look you desire.

Wear the hat on your head all day. As the hat material dries, it will set in its new shape.