How to Shape a Fedora Brim

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Fedoras are felt hats, often soft, and are famous for their curled brims and pinched crowns. Many of these hats are used as customizable accessories, and fedora wearers can add feathers, hat bands and colorful ribbons to change how their fedoras appear. Also, fedora wearers can alter the shape and look of their hat brims by following a few steps and with very few materials. This allows them to change their looks without spending the money on buying a brand new fedora.

Pour water into a kettle or heat up a steamer. When the water is boiling or the steamer is hot, release the steam.

Hold the fedora about 12 inches away from the steam that is coming from the kettle or from the steamer. Rotate the fedora so the the brim is exposed to the steam in all areas. Be careful not to hold your hands or arms near the steam to avoid getting burned.

Shape the brim of your fedora moments after you remove it from the steam. Ensure that the brim is not still too hot to handle. Shape the brim as you desire by folding it up or down or smoothing it out straight. The felt should be easier to manipulate when it is warm.

Let the fedora cool. The felt will hold its new shape after it cools. If you decide to change the shape of the fedora, you can reapply the steam and reshape it.