The Best Way to Flatten a Hat Brim

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Just as curved brims were all the rage when it came to men's fashion, flat-brimmed hats are now enjoying their moment. While you'll still see men wearing hats with rounded brims in certain parts of the country, flat-brimmed hats give off an edgy, urban look, common to big city areas. However, just because you have a closet full of curved brim hats doesn't mean you have to throw them out or give them away. You can easily flatten their brims.

Rest your hat flat on an ironing board with the top part of your brim face-up. Fill a spray bottle with cold water.

Spray the brim of your hat vigorously with water to dampen it. This will help relax the fabric and stiff material underneath.

Set your iron to high heat and run it across the brim. Press down on the iron, exerting moderate pressure to help flatten the brim. Continue in this manner until the brim is completely flat.

Mist the brim of the hat lightly with spray starch. Iron it again, running the iron evenly across the surface area of the hat's brim.

Place the hat in the refrigerator or freezer overnight to allow it to fully dry and stiffen.