How to Make Renaissance Hats

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Hats and headdresses are one of the most significant parts of dressing up in Renaissance attire. Your Renaissance look is not truly complete without a headpiece. Store-bought costumes, headpieces and hats can be quite expensive. Fortunately, Renaissance-style headdresses and hats can be made at home with the right materials and some basic sewing skills.

Woman's Headpiece

Cut two pieces of fabric that are 4-inches wide and 20-inches long. Iron interfacing to the back side of each piece of the fabric.

Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with pattern sides facing each other. Sew the pieces together around the edges, leaving one of the shorter ends open.

Turn the fabric inside out and sew the opening closed. Iron the fabric.

Trim a piece of 18-inch long lace and sew it to one of the longer sides of the headpiece.

Cut a piece of tulle that is 24-inches long and 18-inches wide. Sew the tulle to the fabric on the opposite side of the lace.

Place the headpiece over your head with the tulle at the back of your head and the lace at the front. The headpiece should fit like a headband.

Spray your headpiece with starch after you have formed it to fit your head. Spray starch helps the headpiece keep its shape.

Man's Renaissance Hat

Cut out a fabric circle that is 24-inches wide. Sew a gathering stitch around the edges of the fabric circle.

Gather the fabric circle until it's large enough to fit around your head. Cut another fabric circle that is 24-inches wide.

Measure the circumference of your head. Cut a small circle out of your second 24-inch fabric circle. This will create the brim of your Renaissance hat.

Sew your brim onto the front part of the hat. Give the brim a hem of 1/2 inch.

Sew a feather or some accent fabric to one side of the hat or above the brim.