How to Make a Jacket From a Sweatshirt

by Tonya Nusser ; Updated September 28, 2017

These adorable little jackets are a cinch to make. There is no limit to the kinds of embellishments you can use on these, and they are so inexpensive to make that your little one will want one for every outfit!

Iron the sweatshirt. Lay it flat on a work surface and measure the middle of the front. Mark the middle with pins all the way down the sweatshirt. Cut the sweatshirt open down the middle lengthwise.

Turn the sweatshirt inside out. Fold 1/4 inch on each side and iron a sharp crease.

Cut two strips of fusable interfacing the length and width of your hem for each side. Iron the hem according to the fusable interfacing's instructions.

Turn it right side out and iron it again. Embellish it with fabric paints, faux gems, lace, ribbon, or patches.


  • Add a zipper or buttons with a sewing machine, if desired.

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