How to Make Bed Jackets

This project is a sewn bed jacket that will cover your arms to the wrist and down to your hips. It will take about an hour to make and because it is rectangular, there is no need for a commercial pattern. Instead you will make a newspaper pattern based on your measurements. This project is inexpensive enough that you can consider making one to match each of your lingerie sets.

Measure, Make a Paper Pattern, Sew and Finish

Measure your body across your chest and hips. Measure from shoulder to shoulder. Measure neck plus 2 inches for neckline opening. Measure from shoulder to wrist. Measure from shoulder to hip. The width of the garment will be your widest measurement plus 2inches ease. The length of the jacket will be the shoulder to hip measurement, plus 2 inches for hem. The length of the arm is from the shoulder to wrist measurement, plus 2 inches for hem.

Make a paper garment out of newspaper. It will be two rectangles for front and back (see body measurements) and 2 rectangular sleeves,14 inches wide by measured length .Cut it out and pin it together. Try it on and adjust easement and lengths.

Lay out the rectangular pattern on your fabric and cut 2 rectangles for front and back and two rectangles for sleeves. Cut a rounded neckline in the front rectangle an inche down from the edge. It will be half of your neckline measurement plus 1 inches. Fold that piece in half and cut down the middle for the opening.

With right sides together, place a marking pin where the neckline will be. Sew the shoulder seams from neckline to edge on both sides. Fold sleeve in half and mark center with a pin. With right sides together match the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam line. Sew the sleeve and shoulder together. Repeat for opposite side.

Right sides together, seam from wrist edge down the length of the jacket on both sides. Use seam binding on the front edges and around the neckline to finish the raw edges. Hem the sleeves and bottom of the jacket at the appropriate length.

Mark fastener openings from the neckline to the hem in front. Glue or hand stitch the Velcro dots in place to finish the jacket.