How to Make Leeloo Suspenders

Leeloo Dallas is the heroine of the sci-fi movie "Fifth Element," which is famous for its outlandish, futuristic costume designs. One of Leeloo's iconic outfits is a cropped white top, gold pants and bright orange suspenders with circular cutouts. If you'd like to make a simple, cost-effective version of her costume, make the suspenders out of bright orange duct tape.

Bring the pattern (see Resources) to a copy shop, and have it enlarged to fit your body. Use the pattern as a rough guide for the size of the duct tape sheets that you'll need to make.

Create a duct tape sheet by laying out a strip of duct tape on a flat surface with the sticky side facing up. Cut another strip to the same length and lay it on the table parallel to the first, overlapping the edges slightly. Repeat this until you have the desired size of duct tape panel.

Cut another strip of duct tape identical to the first strip and lay it sticky side down on one edge of the duct tape sheet so that both sticky sides press together. Repeat this with more strips of duct tape until you have a complete double-sided sheet, with just the plastic surface of the tape facing out on both sides.

Cut out your pattern and tape it to the duct tape sheet using masking tape. Carefully cut out the pattern pieces, making your lines as smooth as possible. Use a retractable knife to cut out the inner circles if it is easier for you.

Put on the costume shirt and pants. To wear the suspenders, secure the cutout pieces together with a few more strips of duct tape. Taping the pieces on the inside will make the join areas less conspicuous.