How to Dress a Woman With Slim Hips

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If you have slim hips, chances are you're less curvy than you'd like to be. You may have a rectangle body shape, where your body forms a straight line from your shoulders and chest to your hips, and your waistline isn't defined. Or, you might have an inverted-triangle body shape, which means your shoulders and chest are larger than your hips. Whatever the case, you can balance out your figure by selecting clothes that accentuate and create curves.


If you have a boyish figure, create a feminine, curvy look with crew-neck shirts, tops that gather at the neck, and blouses embellished with ruffles or embroidery. Tops with large amounts of fabric, like tunics, baggy shirts and tops with bell sleeves or kimono sleeves have the potential to drown out your feminine features. Also, avoid tube tops, since they can make your body look more boyish and straight if you have slim hips.

Skirts and Dresses

Pick out a knee-length pencil skirt that cups your bottom to accentuate the curve. Or, have a tailor nip a skirt in the center of the back just under your butt. You can also create the appearance of curvy hips by wearing patterned skirts. For example, horizontal patterns like stripes or a zebra pattern make your hips look wider, so choose an A-line skirt with a horizontal zig-zag pattern for a flattering effect. Additionally, a fitted sheath dress will show off the curves you have while featuring your slim figure. An empire-waist dress can define your bust line while camouflaging a boyish shape.


You can add some curves to your rear and legs by wearing skinny jeans in a substantial fabric, along with denim with flaps or heavy embellishments on the back pockets. Jeans with slightly higher back pockets also make your butt look lifted, and a thicker waist-band just below the belly button goes a long way in creating feminine curves. Choose low-rise skinny or tapered jeans detailed with angled seams that go down the legs to make you look curvier. Plus, there's no reason to shy away from bold colors or graphic prints -- they add just the right amount of volume to your lower body.

High Heels

Wearing heels makes your lower back arch slightly, making your pelvis tilt forward. This lifts your butt and chest, exaggerating your feminine figure. The way high heels re-align your feet makes your muscles more visible and legs more shapely. When walking in heels, you sway your hips more in order to balance, and take shorter, bouncier strides. The hip swinging and bouncing movements will draw attention to your hips and feminine curves.