Outfits for an Inverted-V Body Type

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dressing for your body shape is all about playing up your assets. If you're an inverted-V body shape, that's actually pretty easy to do. Also called an inverted-triangle shape, this body type features strong shoulders, narrow hips and thin limbs, so you have plenty of options when it comes to clothing. When you're choosing an outfit, the main goal should be finding pieces that help to soften your shoulders; this helps create a balanced appearance for your frame and guarantees a flattering look for your clothes.

Go Simple on Top

An inverted-V body shape should avoid shirts, blouses and sweaters that feature shoulder details like epaulets or puffed sleeves, as they only accentuate broad shoulders. Simple, unadorned tops are the best option because they don’t draw too much attention to your upper body. To soften the look of your shoulders even more, choose blouses made of soft, draping fabrics like silk or rayon. Tops with a V-neck line are also very flattering because they help elongate your upper body so it doesn’t appear quite as broad. Scoop-neck tops can work well too. If you’re wearing a sleeveless top, opt for a tank with wide straps instead of a spaghetti style -- it can help make the shoulders look narrower.

Dress Up with Volume

Dresses and skirts that add some volume to the lower half of the body create a more balanced silhouette. An A-line style, where the dress or skirt is fitted at the waist but widens as it reaches the hem, is a great option. Bubble skirts also flatter an inverted-triangle shape, as do skirts that feature ruffles, pleats or bold patterns. These details help to draw attention to your lower body to balance out your upper half.

Go Wide with Pants

Inverted-V shapes look best in pants that have added width or details to balance out your strong shoulders. Wide-leg trousers or jeans are an ideal option, as are bootcut or flared styles. Relaxed boyfriend-style jeans flatter your shape too. Trousers with back flap pockets or jeans with embroidered pockets also work well because they add some shape to your backside. Choosing pants in a bold color or pattern can also help balance your look as it adds subtle visual volume.

Accessorize Down

Make a statement with your shoes to help draw the eye downward. Wedges and platform heels have a weighty look that works well, but you can also rock ankle booties, cowboy boots, chunky heels or pumps that feature ankle straps. Choose an oversized bag that sits at your hips or thighs -- purses in bold colors or with hardware like studs are also good options. Avoid scarves that add bulk as well as short necklaces that can emphasize your broad shoulders. Instead, opt for long chains or pendants that help to elongate and draw attention to the center of your body.