Styles for Plus Sized & Short Waisted Women

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Choosing the right clothing for a plus-size body and short torso may seem like a hassle. Tops that are too short ride up and jeans that are too tight enhance love handles. Fortunately for plus-size women with short waists, there are many different styles of clothing that will help elongate the torso and slim a plus-size body.

Colors & Patterns

Pants and shirts that are lighter or the same color as the top are ideal for a plus-size woman with a short torso. Dark bottoms, like dark denim, will make the hips appear larger, so are not recommended. Horizontal stripes should also be avoided. Vertical stripes are encouraged to elongate the torso. Large patterns on clothing are not advised, as they draw the eye to the stomach area.

Fit & Fabric

Semi-fitted or loose fitting clothing keeps the fabric from clinging to the body. When choosing a top, plus-size women with short torsos should look for pieces that are medium-long or long. However, short shirts for short women should not fall below the knuckles. Loose, flowing fabrics are best for tops and dresses, as they allow movement and do not cling to the stomach area. Straight or slightly flared skirts and pants are recommended for plus-size women with short torsos.

Necklines & Waistlines

Scoop necks and V-necks are the right choice for plus-size, short-torso body shapes. High necklines should be avoided. Pants and skirts should have narrow waistlines or no waistlines. This helps to avoid "squeezing" of the waist, causing love handles. Belts are also not advised.

Accessories & Underwear

Bras should fit properly and should be well-adjusted to avoid "bulging." Bras should not be uncomfortable to wear. Support underwear is encouraged to help lift the bum and smooth and shape the thighs. Thongs should be avoided--they provide no support. Long necklaces should be worn to draw the eye upwards to the face.