Clothing Styles for Overweight Teens

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Teens are often very conscious when it comes to their figures. Overweight teens tend to cover themselves up in loose clothing to hide their curves, but this does not have to be the case. It is important to choose the right clothes in order for plus-sized teens to gain more confidence. There are some clothing styles that will help improve the way they dress and their fashion sense that are also more flattering.

Shop in Plus-Size Boutiques

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Overweight teens tend to hide under baggy shirts and jeans but this does not do anything positive for the body. The key to looking good if a person is overweight is to select the right size clothing. This means choosing clothes that are not too baggy or tight. Shop in plus-size boutiques to purchase the latest fashion trends. These shops have trendy jackets, jeans, blouses, shirts, dresses and more. Having these choices will not restrict overweight teens from choosing from limited fashion styles.

Wear the Right Jeans

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There is a right kind of jeans to wear for overweight teens. Jeans do not have to be baggy, as this just hides the curves of the body. The right thing to do is to accentuate the curves of the buttocks and the thighs. The ideal type of jeans for overweight teens is straight-cut or boot-cut styles. Choosing the right size is also key to look good in the jeans. The jeans should fit the thighs but not to the point of cutting off circulation. The pants should also sit comfortably on the waist and the hips of the wearer. Pair the jeans with the right type of shoes to be fashionable.

Layer Clothes

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Another ideal clothing style for plus-size teens is layering. Layering can bring out the fashion sense in any teen. Wearing tight-fitting tops will not be a problem for plus-sized teens when layered with a jacket or a shrug. Take note that the jacket should be the right size and well-fitted. Layering is not only for the upper half of the body, though. Leggings and tights worn under short dresses or skirts give a slimmer look to the legs. Overall, the body looks slimmer when you use layering techniques. This is helpful, especially during winter when layers of clothes can make a person seem bulkier. The trick is to choose the right size for the body.