How to Buy Jeans for Girls With Wide Hips but Thin Legs

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Wearing the wrong blue jeans when you have wide hips can make you look hefty, even if you do have slim, attractive legs. If you have skinny legs and wide hips, you should soften your hip curves while taking advantage of the slimness of your legs. Fortunately for girls and women with this body shape, several denim styles can enhance the figure in flattering ways.

Buy a pair of straight-leg jeans. A relaxed denim style can actually add width to your hips and upper thighs, even if your legs are thin. Go for the straight-leg jean styles to prevent this and get a more svelte look.

Balance out your figure by wearing a flare-leg or boot-cut jean. Flare-leg pants flare slightly at the lower leg. The bottom flare takes the attention away from your hip size. Boot-cut jeans makes your legs look more proportionate.

Choose a pair of jeans with a mid-rise cut. Wearing pants that have a low or high waist will draw attention to a big waist and hips. Also, stay away from light-colored or bleach-washed jeans. Opt for darker colors like indigo or black.

Know your waist and inseam before you begin shopping for jeans. If you are not sure of your inseam, measure a pair of your favorite jeans. Take those measurements with you when purchasing new pants.

Shop at specialty stores for access to a good selection of jean sizes. Plus-sized or blue jeans only shops can help you find the perfect fit.