How to Size Men's Jeans

by Mason Howard ; Updated September 28, 2017

Finding a good pair of jeans that fits just right can be a challenge. Have your jeans custom tailored for your body measurements if you want a perfect fit. Standard men’s jeans are made using only the waist and length measurements. However, custom-tailored jeans use several additional measurements in order to adequately size the jeans to your own unique proportions. Many jean-supply companies as well as first-rate department stores and men’s clothing stores offer jean tailoring as a service.

Step 1

Measure your waist. Wrap the measuring tape around your natural waistline (running on your hips and just under your belly).

Step 2

Measure your hips and seat. Wrap the measuring tape around the middle of your hips and rear-end.

Step 3

Measure the front rise. Measure from the front-center of your natural waistline straight down to the center of your crotch.

Step 4

Measure the rear rise. Measure from the back-center of your natural waistline straight down to the center of your crotch.

Step 5

Measure your thighs. Wrap the measuring tape towards the top of one thigh and take a measurement at the thickest point.

Step 6

Measure your knees. Wrap the measuring tape around one leg (keeping the leg straight), at the center of your knee.

Step 7

Measure the outside seam. Measure from your natural waistline to just beneath your ankle.

Step 8

Measure the inside seam. Measure from your crotch to just beneath your ankle.


  • When taking body measurements, hold the tape so it is just taut; not so tight that it is pinching, but not too loose either. Pinch the tape together in your fingers to take a measurement. Do not put more than one finger between the tape and your body when pinching.

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