How to Loosen the Thighs of Tight Jeans

Upset woman trying to close her jeans

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Jeans that are too tight can be incredibly uncomfortable -- not to mention unflattering. The amount that your jeans will stretch depends on the percentage of spandex in your denim blend; jeans are typically between one to three percent spandex. Look for denim with higher spandex percentages if you think you might want to stretch your jeans. However, if your jeans are still a little too snug for your taste, there are ways to stretch them out to make more room for your thighs. Loosening this are of your tight jeans may take a while, but the results will be worth the effort.

Wash and Wear

Wash your jeans on a cold setting or soak them in cold water for about five minutes.

Put your jeans on wet.

Wear your jeans until they’re completely dry. This will stretch and mold them to fit your thighs.

Tug and Dry

Wash your jeans in cold water just as you did with the wash-and-wear method.

Remove your jeans from the washing machine and place either arm in each pant leg. Pull your arms outward as hard as you can.

Repeat this pulling motion three to four times.

Let your jeans dry almost completely.

Turn your slightly-damp denim inside out; holding taught, iron your jeans.