How to Wash New Wrangler Jeans So They Don't Shrink

Running water with bubbles

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Since the first pair was made in 1947, Wrangler jeans have become synonymous with cowboys and rodeos. Even those who don't ride horses to work love the durability of Wranglers, which come in a variety of cuts, styles and shades. Whether you choose the classic raw blue denim or a pair of Cowgirl Cut straight-legs, proper washing will help keep your new Wranglers from shrinking. To maintain your jeans' original size and shape, forgo the washer and dryer in favor of hand-washing.

Fill a clean sink or bathtub with enough lukewarm water to fully submerge your Wrangler jeans. As the water runs, add just enough mild laundry detergent to make suds.

Add the jeans to the water. Swish them around until they're completely wet.

Soak your jeans for one hour.

Drain the suds and rinse the jeans in cold running water, squeezing the suds out with your hands. Rinse for two minutes or until all of the soap is out.

Lay your Wranglers flat on a thick bath towel. Roll the towel up like a jelly roll to squeeze out excess water.

Hang your Wranglers to dry on a clothesline or clip hanger. If using a clip hanger, hang it in your shower and place a towel on the floor to prevent puddles.