How to Wash Seven Jeans


When you spend the money on a pair of designer jeans, you want to ensure that you are buying an article of clothing that will last. Keeping that investment stylish and wearable for years to come is partly your own responsibility, and learning how to properly wash your designer jeans will increase their lifespan. Take good care of your Seven jeans to maintain their fashion integrity.

Buy the right detergent. A mild, and/or scentless soap works best. Since chemicals and harsh products can fade the color and weaken the fabric, ensure that you are using just the right amount of a mild detergent to do your cleaning.

Turn your jeans inside out. The outside of denim is rough and friction causes disintegration of the integrity of the fabric. Avoid this by letting the smoother, softer inner side of your jeans be on the outside during washing. If you are washing more than one pair, do not exceed four pairs of jeans at one time.

Use a low temperature setting on your washing machine and ensure that the temperature never exceeds 110 degrees F. If you are unsure of the temperatures on your washing machine, in general, the medium and cold water settings are safe.

Air-dry your Seven jeans. Air drying preserves the fabric and prolongs life. Lay the jeans flat to dry or dry them on a line. Avoid using a dryer.