Is There Any Way to Shrink Jeggings or Make Them Tighter?

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Jeggings integrate the timeless look of denim into a pair of leggings, resulting in a perfectly fitted pair of "skinny" jeans. However, some jeggings can eventually begin to bag out at the knee or rear area, which can be frustrating. There are still ways to bring these jeggings back to life though.

Have Your Jeggings Altered

You may hear about using heat to shrink your jeggings, but this is not good advice to follow if you want to keep them in tact. Jeggings contain spandex, which can easily break down through the use of high heat, especially for prolonged amounts of time. Altering jeggings is the best way to preserve the fit, especially if they are a high quality pair and you plan on keeping them for a while. If you don't know how to alter your own clothing, you can have them done at a cleaner or tailor.

Prevent Bagging in Your Jeggings Through Wash Care

Avoid adding any bleach to the cycle that contains your jeggings since bleach can break down spandex fibers. Washing them inside out with your delicate items and drying on a low cycle for fifteen minutes will preserve their stretch and recovery life and prevent pilling. Laying the jeggings flat to dry is another preservation method. Don't hang them to dry; this will only stretch them out, which could result in bagging in the wrong places. You also want to keep them away from the dry cleaner.

Buy a Size Smaller in Jeggings

If you're buying a pair of regular cotton/spandex jeggings, the odds are that in time, they will lose their shape through stretch. Thus, it's a good idea to purchase them one size down, allowing them to stretch to your own body dimensions and retain those measurements. This can prevent jeggings from bagging out after wear, even once you've taken them off.

Buy a Pair of Higher Quality Jeggings

Jeggings with a name-brand spandex instead of a generic one will offer a higher quality of stretch and recovery retention. In addition, purchasing jeggings that use a higher quality cotton fabric will help to prevent pilling at the thighs.