How to Make Pantyhose Last Longer

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Pantyhose can take a big bite out of your budget if you need to wear them every day. They never seem to last very long whether you buy the cheapest or the most expensive brands. Keep your toenails and fingernails neatly trimmed and filed to reduce the chance of snagging the hose. Proper care can also help hosiery last longer.

Buy stronger pantyhose. Black, navy and dark brown tights look just as good as sheer hose, though lighter shades can look heavy. Though they sometimes cost more, you can wear these for a very long time. Treat them with the same care as pantyhose.

Buy reinforced toes if that's a problem area. Unless you're wearing open-toe shoes, these work fine. You can also buy a heavier weight hose that has a little bit of support. These have a thicker, stronger knit and may include a stretch material such as Lycra or Spandex. Check out the samples in a good department store to get an idea of the color and thickness of several brands at once. Though they cost more, they should hold up longer and are often the best choice for daily wear.

Buy the right size pantyhose. Check the measurements on the package, especially if you are trying a new brand or have recently gained or lost weight. If you are between sizes, it's usually better to buy the larger size since pulling and tugging can damage the hose.

Wash your pantyhose before you wear them. Fill the sink and add a little liquid starch to the water, according to the label instructions. This toughens up the fibers and helps reduce runs. After they're thoroughly dry, put them into a plastic bag and into the freezer overnight.

Prevent snags as you put the hose on. Wear a pair of cotton gloves or apply a good hand lotion before handling your hosiery. Don't put lotion on your legs, however, as the dampness can make your hose stick and pull.

Put hose on properly to reduce pulling and tugging. Scrunch one leg of the pantyhose into your hands and put them on toe first. Release a little bit at a time as you move up your leg. When you get just above your knee, do the same thing with the other leg. Gently work each leg the rest of the way into the hose and then pull up the panty.

Check your shoes for rough patches that can snag your hose. Make sure, also, that your shoes fit. If they are pinching somewhere, they are stressing out your pantyhose as much as your foot.

Take off your hose when you get home and wash them out immediately. Rotating your pairs will give them extra life.

Save money by asking about a pantyhose frequent buyer club at nicer department stores.

Try wearing long skirts or pants with knee-highs, which are much cheaper. Care for them as you would pantyhose. Wearing boots with a skirt occasionally can also help save your pantyhose.

Stop runs with clear nail polish. Apply it to small holes and snags to keep runs from developing. If a run develops, apply polish to stop it and set them aside to wear with pants or a long skirt.