How to Make the Band Around My Stomach When I Wear Tights Less Tight

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Wearing tights around your stomach that are too tight can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. The tightness can cause unwanted body distribution and may cause you to feel that you are not appearing at your best. There are steps you can take to loosen the waistband in your tights. These steps vary from instant fixes to long-term solutions.

Plan ahead. If you try on tights before you buy them and they are too tight, try a size larger. Repeat this procedure until you find a size that fits.

Cut the waistband if your tights are too tight. Cut the thread that joins the elastic band at the side seam, but do not cut the tights. Cutting the tights may cause a run in the material.

Acquire an additional piece of elastic band or fabric to sew onto the elastic waistband. Try the tights on with the elastic waistband cut. Place the additional elastic band or fabric at the place where you cut the waistband. Mark the additional elastic waistband or fabric at each end where the original elastic waistband meets it comfortably.

Remove the tights and turn them inside out. Use a needle and thread to sew the additional elastic band or fabric onto the original elastic band at both ends.

Try on the tights. If you need to make adjustments, repeat Steps 2 through 5.