How to Make Stirrups for Jeans

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If you love wearing your skinny jeans tucked into your boots but hate the way the jeans bunch up around your knees over the course of the day, consider adding stirrups to the bottom of the jeans to help hold them in place. Although you can buy stirrup jeans ready-made, your pants will be more versatile with removable stirrups you can wear as needed. You can find stirrups at equestrian stores and online or make a pair yourself with some basic sewing supplies.

Cut two pieces of 3/4-inch-wide elastic to a length of about 7 1/2 inches. Use sharp scissors or pinking shears to make the cut; pinking shears may help keep the elastic from fraying.

Slip a suspender or garter clip onto either end of one of the elastics. Fold the elastic end over on itself 1 inch and pin the ends in place using straight pins. Repeat with the second elastic.

Sew the elastic folds in place on a sewing machine or using a sharp needle and thread. On a sewing machine, use a tight zigzag stitch for best results; this stitch is secure but will also move with the elastic. Go over the seam twice. With a needle and thread, sew in a zigzag motion so as to capture the different strands of elastic together. Go over the seam at least twice.

Remove the straight pins as you complete each seam.

Attach the stirrups to your jeans on the seams at the outside and inside of your leg, clipping each suspender or garter clip in place over the denim fabric. For best results, do this before you put the jeans on, so the clip isn’t distorted by your body pulling at the fabric. When you wear the jeans, the stirrup will run under your foot, holding the pants in place.